Greetings, I am Ruderpersadh Rampersad alias Rudesh; Rudy. I am forty eight years of age, married to a beautiful wife with three children. My first marriage was unsuccessful, however what came of it was a beautiful son who presently lives with me. His name is Neel Kanth, but known to all as Neel. When Neel was two years old he could not depart from the photo of Lord Vishnu and was so attached to the photo that he used to sleep with it. At the end of the marriage I had ceded all of my assets to his mother of left with nothing to my name.


Eleven years later, with much struggle and hardship I built my business, and after achieving stability in my life, my son started living with me. My son and I overcame many challenges as we built our lives together. It was during this period that Lord Vishnu came to me in my dream and had said to me that a child will be born from my marriage, and that the child’s name must be ‘Sudarshan’ which was told to be three times and I give to you the chakra.


My current wife is a very caring and supportive person. She was childless for a long period in her previous marriage. After our marriage, we were blessed with a son. After discussions with regard to the naming of the child, we had decided to name him Sudarshan Armaan Rampersad. My wife has been a good mother, and is also devotee to mother “Durga". We went to Kathra Vaishno Devi Mandhir, which was thirteen kilometres up the mountains when Sudarshan was only eleven months old, to perform a prayer attributed mother ‘Durga’. Whilst on our course of performing the prayer, we were told that a child will be born of our marriage two years later. Not knowing the sex of the child, two years later a beautiful daughter was delivered by c-section on the 20 of March 2007. Dr. B.N Naidoo, who delivered my daughter, was astonished because my daughter was born with not a single drop of blood on her.


We named my daughter Sonali Diya (Golden lamps) Rampersad which was our Maha Gauri. Everywhere Sonali goes, she has like a magnetic force which draws people towards her. I am extremely blessed to have this child in my life. Considering all the hardship I endured from childhood to adulthood, I am also blessed to have my present wife in my life.


While coming out of recession in Business, I was also blessed to do the chardham and other journeys with my family. Once I had performed all my prayers and cleared my difficulties, I arrived back in South Africa on the 6th of January 2011. Approximately six days later I had a dream about Lord Shiva. In my dream he told me: “child you are blessed and I am giving you this blessing to build a meditation and discourse centre for the world in Africa which must be built on four acres of land with a portion of the building for residential purposes consisting of 108 rooms portraying a mountain with a flat top”.                                     


I was told in my dream that at the front of the building must be Shiva statue standing next to the lingam. The Shrine must have its entrance on the right and the exit must be on the left. Over a little bridge, entering the Shrine from my “Jata” must be such that water falls on the lingam. In front of the Shrine must also be a big fabricasous auditorium which must be capable of seating 10800 people including children. At the back, right of the building, will also be a theme park activity centre for the children, and on the left of the building, will be the feeding hall with restrooms. At the base of the residence will be kitchens and other necessary facilities. There will also be sufficient parking space in an enclosed property of five star design. God has said to me that the people of the world are tied up with false profits. Those who come to this meditation will confine and meditate upon him and will be blessed by him directly from his third eye.


Firstly, I was told to look for a sage known as “Mahandandha’ in India and get his blessings. I questioned him and asked "Lord of Gods, prabhu bhagwan, Lord of the three worlds, you are putting such a big task upon me". Lord Shiva says to me, “child life is sweet”. As a child is born, the child does not know where everything comes from or how they happen. Firstly, the child begins to crawl, then walks and starts to run. Lord Shiva said to me: "I bless you with this blessing for all humanity". "He who seeks me shall find me here directly himself and Maha Rishis and Swamis from all over the world must give discourse to his children".


God had said that he had created them with great success and should not in return be discourteous. God said to me that his children are blessed and one should be themselves and no one else. In time God will be there once a year to bless his children. I could not do anything as I was feeling so overwhelmed. This experience is like a permanent mark and impression that will always be in my mind. Accepting the challenge, I went to India to find the sage. When travelling to India for the second time, I was not aware that I could not travel twice on a visa, as this was not brought to my attention be the travel agent and the flight centre. I then rescheduled my flight and ensured that my visa was properly administered and in order. I then made another trip to India, leaving my wife to attend to the business and take care of the children.


After travelling from destination to destination in search of the sage, I eventually found his holiness. At this point in time, I was so relieved and pleased, that I became emotional and did not know how to react. I however garland him and bowed to his feet. I was told by the sage that he was waiting for me. He also took me to Rishikesh with his assistants of approximately 20 people and opted to pay for my journey and stay. The sage lives without eating and drinking anything for the past eights years and gives his dharshan, which is his blessing.



The sage said to me that I must take a lime and a coin which he gave to me as well as 600 Rupees to start the project that I intent to fulfil, which is the building of the Shrine. The name given and decided on for the shrine was “SHIVLOK”, abode of Shiva.