Maha Ananda Siddha was born in Dharmapuri district on December 6, 1930. For some time he was engaged in the pleasant smelling turmeric trade. When he was thirty five, he undertook renovation work in many temples in Tamil Nadu under the inspiration of

Holy Deeds of Mahananda Swami Maha Ananda Siddha who arrived at the mount at the behest of Lord Siva protects and blesses the devotees who visit the shrine, redressed their grievances, and cures them of all diseases and provides them everlasting joy

 Maha Ananda Siddha and Siddha Medicine   Siddha Medicine is the greatest gift of the siddhas to mankind. Our Mahananda Siddha has learnt about many herbs by the grace of Bogar and he has been curing many persons suffering from many so c

Mahadeva Mount is an ancient mount like Mount Kailash and it is of epic significance. It has been praised by Siddhas and Saints. Birds from Thirukkalikundram used to go to this Mount for worship. The five - faced Lord Shiva was self -  bego

  Location of Mahadeva Mount Katpadi is an important Railway junction in the Chennai-Bangalore route. The arch welcoming visitors to Mahadeva mount is at the 19th Kilometre on the Gudiyatham highway to the west of Katpadi. From Gudiyatham t