Maha Ananda Siddha and Siddha Medicine


Siddha Medicine is the greatest gift of the siddhas to mankind. Our Mahananda Siddha has learnt about many herbs by the grace of Bogar and he has been curing many persons suffering from many so called incurable diseases.He is an accomplished yogi, with a fund of knowledge and he is excellent at siddha medicine. By making use of rare herbs, he makes those who have become dumb to speak and they praise him in ever so many words after regaining their speech.


Even those who suffer from diseases of karma because of their past actions are cured. If women without children approach Mahananda siddha, the latter by the grace of God and by the power of his Tapas, by giving vilvam (leaf from the vilva tree found in Siva temples), Vibhoodhi and (herbal) medicine cure them of infertility and they beget children.

Free Medical Service

Once in a month, a medical camp is held in order to enable several persons to avail of the medical service. Many doctors with a humanitarian bent of mind take part in this social service