Maha Ananda Siddha was born in Dharmapuri district on December 6, 1930. For some time he was engaged in the pleasant smelling turmeric trade. When he was thirty five, he undertook renovation work in many temples in Tamil Nadu under the inspiration of Lord Siva. Then he started feeding the poor (Annadanam) at Lokuvakulam Bharadhwajeeswarar temple of Kalahasthi in Andhra Pradesh. On the midnight of December 25, 2002, Lord Siva appeared before Mahananda and said, ?you are very fortunate in this life; you are a siddha with a boon to live for a thousand years; Go to Mahadeva Mount and live in a cave there, worship Me and protect the devotees?. Lord Siva disappeared after that.

In obedience to the command of the God, Mahananda Siddha reached Mahadeva mount. Lord Siva appeared again before Mahananda Siddha and said ?you should brush your teeth and take bath only on the first day of Chithirai; you should not seek alms from anyone; all the wealth will be heaped here; you should protect all the living creatures in this mountain from disease and suffering; from now on you should not eat food to satisfy your hunger or drink water to quench your thirst. ?After giving this advice Lord Siva disappeared.

The form on the head of Mahadeva Swami is similar to the serpent with five heads on Lord Siva?s head. Mahananda siddha worships the idol with flowers that spread fragrance and leaves with good smell. He is a siddha who can meditate by lying on the fire. It is true that we cannot live without food. But Mahananda siddha has demonstrated that it is possible to live without taking food. It is a matter of wonder to learn that this great siddha has not taken food or water for many number of years.